Robinson Cleaver Canadian Capers. Mitchell, tor, Mr Darley, and Gibb. D – G Classical organists Dare -. Opus Style B. The stop tablets are of various colours to distinguish the different qualities of tone. Sidney Torch Alabamy Bound, St.

Report on fire at the cinema. Fifty miles of electric wire were used in its construction, and over pipes ranging from three inches to 16ft in length. In November it was divided into a triple screen cinema with the former balcony seating , and two mini cinemas in the rear stalls seating and He gave me a couple of boxes of the magnets, which were all, sadly, that remained of this huge organ i. William Hill and Son and Norman and Beard. Site Map Map of this web site.

The design and decoration of the console are of a special character, and it is illuminated in varied colours. You must login before making a comment.

Pipes in the Peaks. In the evening the public were allowed to inspect the cinema, and Mr. The first cinema in Scotland to install a Christie organ. Reg Stone Reg Stone. Originally 2 manual rebuilt in to a 3 Manual 8 Ranks instrument. A tribute to the accomplished management of Mr. Shepherd and members of the Town Council. The decoration has been carried out with great taste and xinema hall is lighted with immense candle power lamps.

This organ organx from all other organs of its type, and Reginald Foort Is anxious to start well. Horace Finch Finch Favourites 4 F. It is to be hoped the Conacher might soon emerge from its lengthy sojourn in Kent. Opus Illuminated console, lift. Xonacher Transferred from Tolmer Sq. Looking towards the stage: Reginald Foort, the staff conachher, has been spending a great deal of time with the organ and on 26 November he cojacher to give his first recital.


Jack Helyer Orient Express. Gustard Sydney Gustard – Each morning, it was his custom to improvise a piece of music while we waited for the Head Master to enter and take his place on the stage. Intermezzo and Gavotte 2.

The organ was transferred to the Empire Theatre. Issues on this page? Somes George Francis Somes 4 th May – The Headmaster and Senior Staff may be seen sitting on a removable platform — effectively a second stage — which had been installed as it was necessary to seat the entire First Form around pupils on the Main Stage in order to accommodate everyone.

It is a full orchestra in itself, capable of producing all kinds of effects, including the zylophone, glockscuspiel, drums, cymbals, and harp. Vic Hammett One Dozen Roses. To his mind, an organ was one of the greatest assets of a good cinema.

The console is provided with some two hundred stop keys and other controls.

Odeon Wimbledon

His renderings of the artfully-chosen pieces showed to advantage the sweet and mellow notes, the soft melody of some lilting waltz, and then the contrasting grandeur as the music swelled to crescendo the playing of a martia’ air.

I would like to thank those that have contributed comments and photographs to the writing of this piece. Above the proscenium opening is the lighting of a cloud picture obtained from hidden coloured lamps. D to G Theatre organists Dalton to Gustard. Northern listeners on April 8 will hear a new cinema organ, played by an organist new to the microphone, for the first time. Quentin Maclean Ride of the Valkyries. Transferred to Savoy, Nothampton. Balcony and stalls accommodation seats 1, The organ was sold and removed from the building inand was later installed in a private cinema in Newark, Nottinghamshire.


Odeon Wimbledon in London, GB – Cinema Treasures

Long before the hour of opening queues began to form, and by 1. In the future broadcasts to be made from the Plaza on the Midland Cinmea wavelengths.

Transferred from the Princess CinemaDagenham. It has splendid tone, and the changing colours, controlled by the organist, made an exquisite picture.

Opus Style Special. Harold Ramsay Rodeo March. There now stands a super cinema that ranks equal to the best in the country. Organ was removed and installed in Malvern. He was present when cinemma first sod was cut, and had visited the building every day since, including Sundays, to watch its construction.

Opus Grand piano. Opus Replaced a Apollo organ. In rebuilt as orgns Wurlitzer. The only Clavorchester fitted with stop tabs in a horseshoe pattern. Edgar replaced by Reginald Halcrow.

In practice, the touch and response of the instrument are quicker than that of a grand piano. The excellence of the programmes and the comfortable arrangements for patrons were such that the Carlton became one of the most popular houses of entertainment. Transferred from RitzSouthend.